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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I'm with erykah, a certificate from the breeder or vet would do no good. I question the motives of the person who bred the parents as well. Who would do something like that knowing what the laws in Ontario are and risking these dogs' lives ?
This is not entirely true LP. I have pulled many dogs from Ontario that otherwise would have been ok had the breeders papers or the vetting paperwork stated that they were X breed. I have also spoken to several animal control officers pleading with them to recognize the dog as a mix of anything but amstaff or pit. Their answer was clear...get me medical documents or breeding papers to prove it. This was brought to me on more than one occasion.

However, in the end yes you are right in a way,.. and it does not take a judge to say what lives or dies, it's animal control UNLESS it goes to court.

It is better to have something than nothing. I think empowering this person is better than discouraging something that has already happened. The OP really should be getting as much paperwork as possible to show what breed mix his dogs are before going out in public in my opinion.
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