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To make a long, and boring for you, story short; my parents have acquired a 2.5yr old Bichon /Poo. I have a 10yr old Hound/shepherd cross. To say the least...the little one has now, after 6 weeks become very comfortable in her surroundings but WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH SHARING MY PARENTS with her canine cousin or their house.


Any comments will be greatly appreciated...

Peppermint patty



First off, dogs are often territorial, so your parents' dog is exhibiting a normal reaction. When you and your dog go over, your dog is invading the Bichon/poo's space. I am going to assume though that your parents love your dog as well.

3 quick solutions that come to mind are;
  1. Take the 2 dogs to a neutral place like a park and see if they will become friends there. Do this a few times. Once they become friends there, THEN bring your dog over to your parents house.
  2. TRAIN the pooch to like you and your dog. This can be done by offering 'lite' food rewards at first along with verbal praise like 'good dog'. Eventually just give the 'good dog reward' She should mellow out eventually....and be happy when you and your dog arrive.
  3. Don't bring your dog over....BUT if your parents want to see your dog then cage or leave the Bichon in a closed room.

If you need more info contact your vet or yellow pages to get info on dog behavior specialists.
Hope that helps


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