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Originally Posted by danaekitty View Post
However, since I transferred him, he's been quite shy. All I've seen of him is the tip of his tail!
That's normal. Try leaving the lights off for awhile.

When he was under the bridge, I was scared that he would not be able to get out
You're actually right to watch closely with that. I have known of plecos dying because they wedged themselves into something (usually driftwood) and could not back out when their spines got caught.

The substrate in the 20 was average gravel sized, and in each place he's hiding, he's nestling down into the substrate so far that he's pretty much resting on the glass bottom of the tank, and leaving piles of sand all around him. Also, the quality of light is different - the previous tank owner had live plants in the substrate, and was using an appropriate light for the plants.
It's normal for a pleco to bury itself, he's just settling in.
What wattage and type of bulbs are in your light? You may actually want to change them out because if they were good high wattage plant bulbs (doubt it but possible) they will grow certain types of algae like CRAZY with no plants in there. That is good for your pleco only if it's the types he prefers to eat, but it likely won't be.

I'm worried that he'll be abused because he's in hiding and they will only see his tailfins.
That's possible. Watch him, if he gets picked on at ALL remove him immediately. For temporarily removal of fish you can use a water tight rubbermaid tub until you can get them into other housing or to the fish store.

You also need to give him a hiding spot like clm mentioned, something he can completely fit in comfortably to hide.

There are no other fish in this tank, and his last tank was quite crowded, so I imagine the water quality would be BETTER in this one!
You can actually stress a fish moving it directly from a tank with high nitrates, nitrites and/or ammonia into extremely clean water. He'll likely recover since they're tough, but that could be part of your issue.

Also, the water cycled for over a week before I put the pleco in.
Sorry to say, you let the bacteria die then, unless you were adding an ammonia source. Cycling the water doesn't culture the denitrifying bacteria on the filter. You let the bacteria sit with no food source. Some may have survived if there was already detritus in the substrate releasing ammonia, but they will still have to build back up. It's part of the nitrogen cycle.

Read Freshwater Cycling

I have no idea what the ph is, I don't have a test kit.
Please please please by a master test kit. (pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate).
You can't know anything about your water quality without testing. Water can look clear and pristine and be quite toxic.

I've been dropping in his algae wafers, and they disappear - I hope he's eating them. I'll try the vegetables, thanks.
He's probably eating them, he just doesn't wanna come out.
Veggies are always good, you may wanna drop a worm in there too, they love those and they actually benefit from a meat source periodically, though not as a staple.

I'll have to disagree with want4rain on blanching though, that's mostly to get the food to sink. None of those veggies absolutely need to be blanched, in fact they're more nutritious rinsed and whole. My plecos and clown loaches have no trouble eating raw veggies, they just have to be weighed down or they'll float.
You would be surprised what plecos can chew on. I had one once that cracked open all my hard plant bulbs abandoning them one by one as he realized nothing he wanted to eat was inside..

And now I'm done because my posts are WAY too long. Sorry guys!
(That'll teach this website to have a fish section .)

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