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I agree with both Barkingdog and Marko in regards to possibly seeing the vet over the bleeding. There is a good possibility that the organization that adopted the cat to your mother could have already done the de-worming and some of the vaccinations.

So you should check the paperwork that came with the kitten and find out exactly what was done before your mother adopted the animal.

If the kitten has already had these treatments, there is the chance of some sort of re-action to them.

Poor quality cat food might also be an issue, if the kitten was taken away from its mother too early. It might not have acquired the total immunity it needed from its mother's milk before being put onto store bought food.

You would be wise to check in with the adoption agency to find out as much information on the kitten as possible, to take it with you to the vet, if and when you go.
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