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need EASY camp food ideas!!

I know I'm leaving this to the last minute, but I'm going camping this weekend and I haven't really planned most of the food I want to take!!

The thing is, we aren't going to a regular camp ground - its a festival on a farm. The access to water and such is going to be harder, and I don't know what types of facilities I will have access to for cleaning dishes, etc.

So this is what I planned - I make ahead of time a bunch of eggs/potato/pepper/onion/sausage hash and freeze in individual portions so that all I have to do is take it out and heat in a fry pan and serve.

Then I am making a bunch sandwiches in my sandwich maker (you know, those ones that you can put fillings in and when you close it it toastes it cuts the bread diagonally into to pockets?). I'm going to make some ham and cheese and pizza sandwiches. These I can just toast over a grill plate on the stove for a min or 2 and no need for any pans or even dishes really (just in your hands with a paper towel).

But beyond that, I don't know. I have some sausages I could pre-cook and just grill/heat through and put in a bun? Or I could bring some cans of chili or pork/beans. I dunno.

I want good filling food that is easy, and doesn't create a lot of dishes to wash. Most of the camping food I grew up with is more involved and I don't want that this weekend.
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