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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
The vet doesn't need to use a catheter to to get a urine sample, cystocentesis works on older male cats too.
I don't know why she didn't suggest cystocentesis instead of catheterizing him. I wonder if she's ever used that method to collect urine, as she seems like such a dipwad with other cat related stuff.

His bladder has always been very small when he's examined, since my old vet catheterized him. Not sure why other than he may go in the cage on the way there and have it absorbed by the towel I usually put in the cage with him. Even in the xray she did his bladder was barely visible so I wonder if they'd need an ultrasound to locate the urine in his bladder and they don't have an ultrasound machine in the office.

I have located another vet I may try with him and their fees are relatively low according to people who've used this vet in the past on They have only been open about a year but have good ratings.

I now have the litter box in place in my bedroom with regular litter in it, and we'll see what happens.. they definitely don't give you much nosorb for the cat to pee in... I'll wait and see what happens after a few days.
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