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Please understand, I'm not trying to be argumentative, but there is something I really don't understand.

We will not allow declawing of any adult cat, under any circumstances (adults are always sterilized prior to being put up for adoption, so there is never an issue).
If you can prevent people from declawing adult cats, then why not kittens? Why do you give kittens to people who you know positively will declaw them, and in fact you aid them to do this? Why don't you tell these people to elsewhere and find kittens to declaw?

Declawing kittens is even more outrageous than declawing adult cats, who may have had years of furniture clawing habits behind them.(Not that I agree with declawing them either)

Kittens can be easily trained to use scratch posts, so this pediatric amputation is being done just as a preventative, before the kittens have even done anything at all??
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