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I agree about the diagnosis - that's why I feel so conflicted. As I said, I got the impression that our vet (who has always been very good to me and all my cats) made more of a conjecture than an actual diagnosis. In a way I would like to take Zero to a different vet - one who would see more than just Zero's age and my finances. But the cost is a huge roadblock. That's why with Clyde I decided to do my best to "treat" his diabetes with changes I could make myself, so hoped I could do the same with Zero. I will definitely call our vet again and take Zero in for a recheck and more bloodwork and a urinalysis. Is the "Renal" you use available only by prescription? If it is, I'd really like to bring the vet all the information about that as well. It certainly sounds more useful than Azodyl! If I feel our vet has really given up on us after the next visit, I will find a way to take Zero wherever she needs to go....
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