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Thanks so much for responding! I have in the past fed my cats about 1/3 Nature's Variety raw frozen and 2/3 canned. They got accustomed to it and ate it about as well as the canned alone. I stopped because my vet told me they get cases of food poisening from pets who eat raw. That normally wouldn't have stopped me if they were all healthy, but coincidently one of my babies died (totally unrelated to food) a week later, then a few months later I noticed that Zero wasn't eating well, so I got paranoid and gave up on the raw. I have been considering it again but had no idea if the phosphorus and protein levels were any better than the canned. I'm definitely willing to try it again.
I have no idea what her phosphorus level was. At the vet they drew blood but did not get a urine sample. All she told me was that her creatinine was 2.4, but that because Zero had lost so much weight in reality is was probably much higher. She also told me that her thyroid level had really dropped to a dangerously low level, so to cut her felimazole dose in half. I truly think that the vet assumed kidney failure more than anything. I spoke to her a few days later and was told to just "enjoy the time I had left with Zero" and because she knows how vital Zero is to me, she told me to "try not to ruin my enjoyment of her by worrying obsessively". We don't even have a follow-up appointment.
Obviously I disagree completely (except that I DO worry obsessively) and refuse to sit back and do nothing just because my baby is "old"! My other cat is diabetic, and despite the prognosis, I was able to get him off insulin completely in a matter of months.
I will definitely check out that website you mentioned. I did buy Azodyl (expensive!), but I've had a hard time getting Zero to take it in a way that might be effective.
Thanks again, and I'm wide open to any other suggestions you might have!
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