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Hi Marko....

I read this post and thought maybe I could chronical my new exercise journey with myself and one of my dogs.
I've signed up for a class starting this saturday to exercise with one of my dogs, Luna (2 yr old great pyrenees.... not your typical pyr.... this one loves to run and play). Class is Level 1 (
My dog has some behavioural issues (the trainer side of the twosome who does the classes is familiar with my dog. She has particular dog aggression issues (esp on leash). We have taken obedience classes before with Ola, and Luna responds well, so they've let us in!
We've been through 3 (puppy, into and intermediate) obedience classes already... she does fairly well in the walk, sit, stop, down. But a class where there is energy and running around? Oh boy. I might be for trying this out.... with my problem child. Monty, my Berner, is an excellent boy. In fact, my kitty cats (Dale and Chip) respond to "no" more so that my white ball of lightning.
Not sure if you think this would be an okay topic.... but I wouldn't mind giving a shot. Focus would be on both of our journeys...... mine: to improved fitness and a better connection with my lovely wicked girl, and Luna's: to improved confidence, some form of recall (she is a pyr in that regard.. with the barking) and a better connection to her loving mom!

let me know...

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