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Diet: Oyster's diet use to consist of nutro natural choice weight management crunchies with 6-7 little temptation treats in the morning a a teaspoon of friskies wet pate cat food at night. He seems to be highly constipated (noticed before diabetes was diagnosed).

Now he has (as per vet) 1/4 of a tin of wet food (the large tins that friskies comes in) in the morning and again at night so something is in his system for the insulin. The doctor did want him on a high fibre wet food but he shoved his nose up at the science hill d/m wet food and at the max cat wet food I tried which was close in fibre to science hill. Tonight I gave him fancy feast which is not much up from friskies but it's all I could find in Walmart. I don't live near a pet store and will have to try another brand out next time I get there.

He needs to urinate often and heavy and he drinks like crazy.
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