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I agree with sounds like you will have to start from scratch, Alongside the priase, make sure you seriously ignore her when she goes in the house, and clean it up when she is not there. Some people will tell you to "rub her nose in it" or "take her outside right after she goes" but to her this will mean "When I go in the house, I get attention!" Especially if she received a lot of negative attention from young kids, she may see it as a good thing(any attention is good attention). Also, have patience, some dogs take longer than others to potty train.
You may even want to really go basic and paper train her. If she is nervous and hides when she goes, it may be a good start to create a "safe place" for her to go, that is easy for you to clean up. Follow her lead and figure out where she goes most often, put papers down or training pads. Then when she is used to that you slowly move the papers to the door. I find this method takes longer and is less successful than crate training, but for your dog it might help.
I stress patience again! Having had two puppies from young ages in under a year, I have realized the importance of patience.
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