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Red face pottying in the house and wont play with toys

I recently got a sweet female Pom-chi. She is precious and will be a year old in November. the people told me she was potty trained but got her home and shes not. i have tryed several things even taking her out for no reason to try to just happen to catch her going outside and then praise her but that never happens. she will wait until we go back inside and then will either hide and pee or just squat right down in front of me and poop. although lately it has been more of the first.

i also went and bought her three or four toys. she wont even look at them. i got her to sniff one of them and then she just turned and went the other way.

i have no other problems with her. she doesnt bark or growl and usually she isnt even agressive with other animals. male dogs are the only animals she has any agression towards. she takes baths with ease. she sits. doesnt jump on people.

i got her from a home where the lady said her young twins were always startling and scaring the dog. i dont know if that might have something to do with it or not but i am looking for any possible suggestions.
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