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Help in finding a home

I have taken in a small dog that needs a home. She is a 11month old spayed shihtzu pomeranian cross. Her owners are elderly and in bad health and can no longer care for her properly. (yes I know they should never have gotten a puppy at their age) She is very sweet and friendly but needs some training and continued socialization as she didn't get out as much as she should have. I am very concerned in finding her a great forever home. It's been giving me great anxiety, I am not in a position to give her a committment for life but I want to ensure the home she goes to is a good one.

I have thought of a rescue but I want to have control of where she goes and in light of some of the reports of questionable rescues, I am hoping that perhaps recommendations might be posted in case I go that way. So if anyone has any please advise. I''m in southern ontario.

In the meantime I intend to be totally upfront about any her habits etc. I will ask many questions about the home she is going to and would like to visit where she would be living. I would want her to go on a trial to make sure she fits in. And would want updates on how she is doing. I'm asking for a donation to an animal shelter in lieu of an adoption fee. Is there any other suggestions on whatelse I should consider?

By the way she is very cute about 15 pounds, blonde in colour with beautiful big eyes and a underbite. She loves people and other dogs, very playful, is getting better about walking nicely on a leash. Still learning about commands such as off, come etc. The car ride still causes her to drool a fair amount. She sleeps in her crate at night, still needs to be supervised as she likes to chew shoes and kleenex. You can't totally trust her with toilet habits, she is pretty good but she needs to go out at regular intervals and after drinking, eating. She needs exercise a walk in the morning and evening to help her deal with her energy. She is up to date with shots and is spayed.
Wish me luck.

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