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Originally Posted by Elaina Walker View Post
Hey Colleen!

Don't worry, these are only myths. Many people think that spaying makes the dog fat and lazy, and also adversely affects the health. These are common ideas of everyone.

But be assured spaying is only having positive effects. It's better to take the safety measures as early as possible, and you have already done this. Now your pet will have a better health and will show a better behavior.

Elaina your statement couldn't be further from the truth.

While some lazy owners like to blame their balooning pet on a recent spay, there is scientific evidence that has shown a corelation between spay/neuter and weigh gains in controlled laboratory settings, it is not a myth.

Your statement that spaying only has positive results is also completely wrong, especially in the case of female dogs. Spaying can result in minor to serious medical complications and long term effects, including behavioural effects.

I would strongly suggest you research this topic and read some of the medical papers Longblades posted links to. There is hard scientific evidence that spaying and neutering is not 100% better for our pets and in fact can have some serious long term side effects.

Every one considering if or when to spay or neuter their pets should be aware of these issues. Mind you that is not an excuse to take on the responsibility of keeping an intact dog if you are unable or unwilling to do so safely and responsibly (ie accidental pregnancies).
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