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Oh yes ScottieDog, I have seen some pretty ridiculous "breeder" records before when working at low cost vaccine clinics for shelters.. numerous times people would come in with "health records" from breeders like Puppy Dog Heaven or Cuddly Puppy Palace and places like that In nearly every one of those "certificates" that were typed up either in Paint or MS Word, half them couldn't even spell 'puppy' correctly let alone make any kind of record that a veterinarian would accept. I wish I could have take pictures of some of them they were so atrocious... and when I would ask people if they expected me to believe that Billy Bob Joe properly vaccinated the pup for "destimper" or "parvoe" they'd get all upset.

Health records are VERY easy to forge, and to the unsuspecting buyer they wouldn't notice. I'd easily be able to spot things because I'm used to doing stuff like this, but to people who have no experience with these type of things, it's quite easy for bad people to take advantage of them
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