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Holistic Medical Advice.

At the beginning of this section of the forum, there is a statement of symptoms that pets may display that require veterinary attention.

Lately, the discussion of holistic types of treatments and cures have been recommended to some posters at length and in great detail. This must and will stop. If you believe holistic medicine can help a pet, refer the OP to a holistic vet.

On the other hand, we have to also address "natural" diet supplements. While we understand that olive oil is great for dry coats, pumpkin is a great source of fibre for problems with bowel movements and garlic powder prevents fleas - we know nothing more about these pets than what the OP tells us, which can be very subjective. We know nothing about the medical history of said dog or cat so we don't know if it has some type of disease, illness or allergy that may respond negatively to whatever oil, dairy product or herb that you give your dog and in some cases, the gravity of the situation can be much more severe than the OP lets on. Please take this into account when you post advice that involves these supplements.

The major, major issue with recommending natural supplements is that some can be lethal. Some remedies, like garlic, in larger quantities can kill a pet. We cannot be vague in our descriptions and use relative terms that can be misunderstood at the expense of the pet, especially in these cases, but in all advice we give here. When recommending additions to food or diet, please be as clear as possible and avoid the phrases along the lines of "in moderation", "just a small amount", "use your own judgement" or "use common sense". Be specific.

We just want to help the pets and avoid harmful misinterpretation as best we possibly can.

Thank you.

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