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Any possibilty you can make your own raw diet for your cat? That way you would have complete control over all of the ingredients and can keep it very simple: one novelty protein source (with bone and organs from the same animal) and no other plant matter. For instance, the Nature's Variety raw rabbit contains chicken eggs, so if your kitty has issues with chicken, that could have been triggering an allergic response.

As for allergy testing, it's notoriously inaccurate for cats (particularly allergy blood testing - don't waste your money). The skin allergy tests for environmental allergens can sometimes be useful, but it can also be extremely difficult to control those allergens (eg if the allergy is to dust mites). A good place to start is to make sure you are using only unscented natural cleaning and laundry products, that you don't use any room deodorizers or sprays (especially things like Glade plug-ins), and that the cat litter isn't the issue (use only unscented litter - either clay or newspaper pellets).
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