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Originally Posted by LynMarie View Post
My cat, Merlin, is 15 years old and had slightly elevated Bun (38) and Creatinine (2.5) levels on his last two blood tests. My vet says he has kidney disease, but his specific gravity is 1.050 (high normal) which I've read means that he has a pre-renal issue, NOT kidney disease.

Anyone know anything about pre-renal issues or renal function test results? I'm trying to figure out if his results may indicate something serious enough that I need to switch vets to get him treatment. Anyone have a cat with pre-renal issues or have any idea what pre-renal issues even would be?

The thing here is pre-renal issues basically is early stage kidney failure. Unfortunately with most cases the kidneys cannot regenerate themselves - you cannot regain tissues whose function is lost. The difference in the name has to do with where the problem is, is it in the structure of the kidneys (kidney failure) or in the physical tubing structure just before the kidneys (pre-renal before the kidneys).

My cat Duffy was first diagnosed with pre-renal atozemia, with the next series of blood & urine tests it had progressed to renal atozemia, her most recent test results the Dr wrote renal insufficiency. Pretty much all the same to me - early stage kidney failure.

So yes my cat has had pre-renal issues and now has renal issues - they are the same, you want to treat this the same as you would treat it if they called it Chronic Renal Failure.

Your cat, same as mine, needs:
-a canned food that has good quality protein - no dry food,
-low in phosphorus and potassium,
-preferrably grain-free,
-they need to drink water,
-and they should have a tsp or 2 of water added to the canned food,
-you need to make sure the cat eats & doesn't go more than 24 hrs w/out eating
-full blood & full urine testing done @ least every 6 months
-you to be aware you will need to consider giving subq or have a vet give IV fluids at some point if your cat becomes dehydrated
-you to be aware that your cat may need medication @ some point
-you to have a positive outlook on the situation - animals can sense when you are upset and this may lead to their condition becoming worse ~ self-fulfilling prophecy

Do you really not trust your vet? Is that why you are thinking to switch vets to get treatment? Or are you thinking to try Homeopathy?

I have chosen to go the route of Homeopathy with my cat because her numbers were not high enough to need medication but I did not want to wait until that time before I took action. Duffy is taking some supplements prescribed my my Homeopathic Vet which has helped her overall health and has started to stabilize her numbers.

My thread has been linked for you, please have a read through the various links in it and please feel free to ask questions.
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