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Weepy eye

That is great - just warm water cotton balls are the way to go, just make sure to use a different one if you start cleaning the other eye to prevent spreading any bugs. If you start to see a lot of pus discharge or if the eye gets really inflammed then you will need to see a vet to discuss treatment possiblities.
As well, when it comes, the poop tends to be fairly orange or lighter tan, and fairly loose. They usually do need to be stimulated for a bowel movement too, and generally they will start after they pee. You can tell they are going to cause thier anus will bulge up and then open - and poop city!
The only other thing is watch to make sure they don't suckle too much off each other - they will sometimes try and suckle each others bellies, ears, genitals ect and can cause some nasty sores if they persist too much.
Happy baby raising!
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