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I was amazed when I met a dog at a friend house in Northern Ca. only one time and when the dog was stolen he found me in Berkeley Ca. which is over 200 miles from the dog home. I never met the dog's owner , but when I opened my apartment's door there was the dog standing there! My friend came out to visit a couple of days later and when he saw his friend's dog in my apartment he almost fell over! My friend said the dog has been stolen before but we had no idea how the dog found me as the dog never seen or smelled the car I used to get to Berkeley . It was perfect timing having my friend coming down to the city as he had no phone and this was before cell phones out. I have no idea how far the dog had to travel to find me but I know he lived over 200 miles from me. He was a hound dog as that had to help him a lot. I had no idea I made that big an impression on the dog, but he knew I would help him get back to his owner.
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