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I wish he'd go in his crate during the day like he does at night. Last night, walked right in and then out like a light. I think I'm going to go invest in that KONG with the treat space in the middle. I have the normal one, and he likes that, but the treats...he loves.

Also signed up with Critter Sitters to have a dog walker come at 4pm Mon - Fri. That way he's getting exercise, another time out and someone else to help with the crate training.

It's good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And, that others have gone thru the tears as well.

So, about how long did it take for your puppies to be ok with his crate? 1, 2 weeks or months?? I think I'm doing everything right, so hopefully it won't be long. It's just such an emotional stuggle for me, the thought of going thru this for another month..breaks my heart. But I will be strong and won't give in to his crying. Tough-love.
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