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Fancy Feast ain't so bad, but even the best food in the universe is useless if he won't eat it. Do try crushing up some of his old favourite dry and sprinkling it on top, that one works every time in my house. I know all about the dry food addict: when Aztec is hungry, he still opens the pantry door where I used to store his big bag of Science Diet Light (ugh). Thing is, there hasn't been a kernel of that garbage anywhere on the premises since he was diagnosed with diabetes 4+ years ago.

Try some super-stinky foods like the Fancy Feast fish flavours (I think the cod and/or shrimp ones are really potent, if memory serves me). Also, warming them up a bit in the microwave can bring out even more smelliness.

and doing those annoying kitten things that we love so much
Awww, are you trying to make me jealous??
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