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Well, here's an update. Jakers is on URI meds and isn't doing any better - still coughing when he purrs. He also doesn't like the Wellness much - he likes Friskies wet a bit better, but for the most part, he'll only lick the goo off of the wet food and then move on. Not good for a large kitty who should be eating at least a full can of Wellness or 2 of the Friskies.
Plus, to make matters worse, we now have fleas. I'm covered in flea bites and Alley (the kitten who brought joy and sickness into our lives) as well as Jake are scratching like crazy.
Jake's got a date with the vet tomorrow morning to find out why the meds aren't doing their thing - the vet mentioned a brand new antibiotic drug that just came out last Friday that they might try, and said that the meds might be why he's not eating properly.

I love my new kitten, and am happy that I rescued her, but I just wish that I was given a heads up when I adopted her that she had these afflictions so I could have been better prepared before bringing her into my home and infecting my other guy.

I'll pass along an update after I bring Jake in tomorrow.

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