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i hand raised a crow when I was a kid. Smartest birds alive. Used to fly around the house and steal shiney stuff all the time. He used to ride on my shoulder like a big black parrot. We let him go when we knew the time was right but he always showed up for a free lunch. We also healed a shot canada goose in our basement one winter and took care of many injured ducks. The goose was funny though we used to take it for a walk with a leash around it's leg. After it got used to us it was fine, but holy hell can they ever knock you around with their wings. A not the mention the machine gun pecker attached to their faces. LOL My mother wounldn't go in the basement for the whole winter that year. Everytime Harry the goose saw her, he would hiss and beat his wings. Which was good thing because when she was mad at us we would beat it to the basement...Goose Proctection Services. I was sad to see him go in the spring.
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