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Multi menu

Multi Menu is an excellent choice for all pets and it's Canadian! Someone campared it to Orijen.... Orijen's first ingredient is deboned chicken, they make it sound so good but the chicken is filled with water, less protein, deboned can be misleading as to higher quality. What you want is chicken meal for your first ingredient. Sea salt found in 5% of pet food products and Orijen analyzed and it is used to cover up rancid meat and fat, can cause kidney and heart disease, hypertension -- used to encourage cats to drink, source of sodium chloride.

And you thought it was worth spending the extra money!

Also, the reason Multi Menu has so many different recipes with varying prices is because they're trying to meet everyones budget. So if you're buying the cheap stuff like Pedigree or Kibble and bits, Multi Menu has something way better for your pet!

Below is a copy/paste from another website. There's no way I'd buy Orijen! Multi Menu has a strict standard and is inspected by the AAFCO

Petfood recall prompted by cat deaths
24 November 2008
A gourmet imported petfood has been withdrawn from sale after an outbreak of chronic illness and death among Sydney cats.

Vets have put down at least five cats over the past week and treated more than a dozen others suffering from paralysis.

Dr Georgina Child said the only factor that linked all the cats was a specialist pet food called Orijen, which is imported through a Canadian company, Champion Petfoods.

"There is a highly suspicious link because this is an uncommon expensive food in this country at the moment, and not sold in supermarkets," Dr Child said.

"But all tests that have been done so far haven't given us an answer."

First symptoms included wobbliness or weakness in the animal's hind legs, which could then progress to the front limbs.

The condition did not appear to be infectious, Dr Child said, nor typical of a nutritional deficiency.

The marketing manager of Champion Petfoods, Peter Muhlenfeld, confirmed the cat deaths had been traced back to Orijen's dry cat food, and the problem appeared to be restricted to Australia.

He said samples sent back by the Australian distributor had a "strange odour".

The company is investigating whether irradiation upon entry into Australia was the source of the contamination.

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