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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
BenMax,you are a wonderful,wonderful young lady,I am not sure how long you had Olive,but I am sure she learned what being loved is all about.
Any animal lucky enough to be with you,be saved by you,I am certain feels the love,even if only for a short time
Bahh Chico2. I just wonder if I could have done better. Vet says no, but I really feel I was too late in getting her in. I only had her for 4 short days (including being at the vet days), but I did love her. I would wake up to check on her and at midnight when the air was cooler, we would go outside for long walks together. She followed me everywhere, caught some bugs, ate them, scratched her non existance nails on the concrete and give me those little headbutts. She won my heart.

I will miss her little funny face. She really was mine in the end I guess.

Thanks everyone.
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