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Simba is back home (he spent overnight at vet and came home at 7pm).

He is not 100% and while he still refuses to eat his food (he only wants people food even though he is not allowed, and never has been!) and he still hasn't had a bowel movement, he is doing better.

He vomitted water 2x this morning (immediately after drinking). I called the vet and they said to raise his water dish and keep him from trying to drink too fast. He did drink after this and seems to be keeping it down.

Still isn't eating and I'm not happy with that, although he's never been into food that much and hasn't had much exercise (no more than 15-20 min walks, a couple times a day, until he starts feeling better).

He seems pretty depressed and wouldn't leave my side at night (he normally sleeps in his open crate but slept right by my head. He got upset when my husband left for work this morning and has been sad all day except for his walks :/
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