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GRRRRR I'd like to scream anyone mind? This is totally disgusting after what we all went through last year, here we go again.

The worst part of this recall is that Mars knew before the end of July and stopped production on July 29, 2008 and here it is the middle of September and we are just hearing about it now!

They say it is only US but I notice that Ol'Roy, Special Kitty, Pedigree and Sam's Club are all on the list of foods that are under recall. They are ALL sold in Canada so how can it be that it only affects the US? I feel for those of you who live in the US and are praying again that your pets will not get sick you must be scared again.

Should we go after those politicians that are running for election and make it an issue with them? Might help but I somehow doubt it after the response of the Agriculture Minister about the Listeriosis outbreak!

We can all pray that Mars is right and the products in Canada are unaffected.
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