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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Just to add, I wish I'd had the video ready the first time mine got chicken necks. They were 7 months old, two kittens, and their mother. Usually they all ate side by side but with the chicken necks they growled at each other, took their necks away to a more separate spot and just demolished them. Or they tried, it was harder for them to eat, which is where the teeth benefits come in, I guess.
I wish you'd had the video ready, too! I really love my chicken. You never want to reach for a piece of chicken I have my eye on--I growl, too!

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
hazel , I found this web site for chicken necks , could you buy the necks this way?
Thanks, Barkingdog. Finally managed to open the link. Sort of expensive, but I bookmarked it. I can't believe how hard it's turning out to find a local source for something as seemingly inconsequential as chicken necks!

Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Hi again Hazel:

So if you're toying with the idea of feeding JD raw diet I'd suggest getting a few different recipes and finding one that you feel comfortable to use.

If you would like, I can email you some recipes for you to take a look at - knowing the fun you have accessing web sites.
Thanks, Reg! I'll PM you with an email addy. I knew about the different protein sources--still trying to track down local supplies for any of them. I might have to start raising meat animals! But I'm not sure I'd have the stomach to butcher any of them once I looked into their eyes... We have a lot of Amish in the area and they do a fair amount of butchering, so eventually I'm hoping I can maybe hook up with the right people and find a good supply...maybe...

Originally Posted by Reg View Post
I had a quick look at the web site that Barkingdog suggested and it looks quite interesting. Buying raw necks by the way they are packaged - would keep JD in necks until the cows come home unless you are willing to give them to the dogs as treats as well.
I think the dogs would love to help out in that regard! In fact, they have been known to steal chicken breasts off the counter when we get careless...

Funny how your cats are so different in their response to raw! Such unique personalities!
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