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Yogi throws the meat back up? Silly kitty! That's the good stuff. But the bone stays down? That's interesting. Every wonder how they do that so selectively?

I keep forgetting to check for whole chickens. Most of the places around here order those pre-packaged 'parts' meat, though--at least for chicken. I've been concentrating on calling around for necks and forgot to ask...but if they have whole ones, I have no problem with cutting them up and saving the necks for JD. Must put that on the list! So you just offer the vertebral part, not that sort of flat bone that stabilizes the spine (well, I know turkeys have that on their back, just makes sense that chickens and Cornish hens may have it, too)?

I do give him the wing tips...but only the wing tips, because they seem to have the most cartilage and I was uncertain about the long bones in the rest of the wing. Cartilaginous pieces give him the most chewing exercise, which is what I'm going for.

Cornish hens is a good idea--I'm pretty sure I can get them but I don't know how much of the neck/spine they have in them. Hubby doesn't like them, but I can always cook them up and nosh on them for lunch for a few days.

I was a bit nervous about introducing too much bone. JD is on canned food. I only use the bony stuff to exercise his teeth/jaws, and only once a week, because I can't find a good supply of necks. (Why they'd be stocking feet instead of something like necks, I have no clue. Seems like feet wouldn't be nearly the seller that necks might be, but then, I have a cat that could use more necks and can't get them, so I'd be inclined to think so! ) I've been watching his stools carefully and the added bone doesn't seem to have much affect. He'll chew and chew and chew on the necks, but any larger pieces of bone are sucked clean, crunched into smaller pieces and left in the bottom of his platter.

Our current plan of attack is to eat a turkey every month or so, but as much as I love turkey, even I'm getting really, really tired of it...and hubby is now threatening to make me eat ham (which I hate) for Easter!
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