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Originally Posted by Rick C
An Unfinished Life - Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lopez. Filmed in southern BC and some in southeastern Alberta . . . . . Lopez isn't much in this movie but the repartee between Redford and Freeman, two grizzled guys, is very good. A man (Redford) blames the death of his son on the boy's widow (Lopez), who now needs to come back into his world after she is beaten by yet another boyfriend. The granddaughter Redford never knew he had, the only link to his dead son, opens the door. . . . Freeman plays a ranchhand who had worked for 40 years for Redford but was mauled by a bear the year before. He's now infirm and Redford is his caregiver. . . . . . overall, nicely done, nicely told and you'll leave feeling good about it.

A link:
ooo I just saw this tonight. Very good movie. I love how everybody in the movie grows and they're all very well developed characters.
And on the DVD, the extra thing about training the bear is great too.
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