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I guess I am a traditonalist - love the old favourites like It's a Wonderful Life and love Hayley Mills - she was before my time but perhaps I have an old soul. Love That Darn Cat (DC is a Siamese after all), The Parent Trap, and I even liked Herbie the Love Bug.

I hate to admit this - given my profession - but the first movie I ever bought (as in a VHS and I even have the DVD is Love Story). Not a feel good movie for sure and medically horrible - so few details even in the book - and I am a picky reader (hate stuff not being accuarate but LS is more ommission than commission of info so that's not as bad as movies where events make no sense scientifically, etc.)

I too enjoyed Sweet Home Alabama - cute story. But the movies today are just not up to those oldies. (who can forget The Incredible Journey - tho I think the movie was called Homeward Bound).

I like movies where the underdog wins or overcomes adversity who an injustice is made right like Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.
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