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Well the other day I rode Callie again.

Well the other day I rode Callie again. I started a new job and have been to tired to ride after work or it was dark when I got home. Anywho....

I put on her saddle and bridle.... with little to no problems... got on... I had decided that this time we would go out of the corral.... well we got about 3 feet out of the corral and she was acting like she was stuck to that spot. LOL She would not budge!! So back in the corral we go at my insistance... then back out.... she stopped again and wont move. LOL By this time I am starting to get a little peeved. soooo.... I got off .... led her down the lane to the larger part of the pasture... got on and rode her around out there for a bit.
Then I rode her back down the lane and back into the corral and then we went back out to see if it would she would stop at her "stopping point" and she did. So now I am getting more peeved. So a slap with the reins gave her a start and then she started backing up... and backing up and backing up.... I was thinking ... this is great... I have a horse that only has one gear!!! Reverse!! LOL well... after a bit of fighting and her rearing up a bit we got past that point and went down the lane!!! YAY Big accomplishment!! So I rode her out in the bigger part for a while and we went back down the lane... into the corral and out again... we started going up the lane... this time without stopping!!!! We went all the way to the big pasture with no problems at all! By this time the temp was rising fast and I was getting way over heated and I knew she was too. So back to the corral to take everything off and to give her a brushing. I gave her a hug and told her I would see her later that day!!
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