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Weaning From Steroids and Atopica

I have a question about long term use of Predisone and Atopica. We have a 2 year old beagle . Weights about 16 pounds. Approx. 6 months ago she experienced a sudden onset febrile illnesses and became gravely ill. Our local vet sent her immediately to our University Vet Hospital. She was in ICU for a week with a very poor prognosis. It was felt this was either a primary or secondary autoimmune illness. A bone marrow R/O a primary illness. Titers for tick born illnesses were also inconclusive and/or negative. She was treated with multiple antibiotics, steroids and ultimatley with a platelet transfusion. She did stabloize enought to go home after approx a week on predinose 20mg daily and Atopica 50mg BID and antibiotics. Over the past six months she completed the inital round of antibiotics after about a month. We are now doing a very slow wean of the prednisone. Now after about 6 months, she is on 2.5mg of prednisone every other day and atopica 50mg bid. She has had CBC regularly (first weekly, but now every 4-5 weeks). All CBCs have been normal. While on higher doses of course she was drinking and urinating lots and she did gain weight a bit. Now she seems back to her base line. She eats well, is very active and doesn't have any digestive, urinary or skin problems...actually no apparent side effects or problems at all. We are concerned that she has been on these meds for so long. I would like to ask what an appropriate dosage /schedule would be to wean off Atopica. What are the potential side effects/problems for a more rapid wean off the Atopica? We also wanted advice as to how long we should keep her away from the dog park and also when to restart her routine vaccinations? We have been protective of her being around other animals due to her questionable immune status. Any and all advise would be so helpful. Thanks so much.
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