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Smoochy-Poochy "No Escape" Leash

Notice all the grommets, two super-duper clasps at either end and the webbed poop bag holder:


Not inexpensive but worth it's wait in gold for me. I went looking for new leashes originally because: the grrrls do the happy dance alot and we kept breaking clasps, Ceili loved to "floss" with her leash, both were/ are even now incredible pullers (rotator cuff tears = 3).

So, this leash means that I can hook up the clasp at the handle end anywhere down the line where there is a grommet if I need a shorter walking lead, want to loop it around my shoulder or secure it around my waist. The two clasps also means that I can hook things securely through the handle end ~ I always carry a small bag with meds, ID, a Swiss Army knife, bandaids, mini-mag and whatever else is needed as well as a muzzle.

The double clasp is handy if one breaks (I have replaced it once in 5ish years where before we could go through a leash a year easy-peasey) and it has come in handy when I have found stray dogs as I can double-up two dogs comfortably on one lead.

The webbed poop bag holder is well... a webbed poop bag holder. Very handy!

Love love love the leash! My only complaint is that the vinyl version is quite heavy compared to nylon and when it gets bitten through (though it did take Ceili forever...) the torn edges are rough on the hand ~ easily fixed by the Queen of Duct Tape though.
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