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Benmax and Poodletalk, the dogs do not live in there!!!! The building is used simply to replicate real life situations. These dogs are training to be real police dogs or personal protection dogs. Think about it, if you're a fugitive you're not going to flaunt yourself in a happy open meadow on a bright sunny day, right? You'd want to hide, stay out of sight, go to unlikely places usually dark so you don't get caught. The dogs have to be comfortable working in that type of environment. He cant be scared of the creepy shadows or tight quarters. What good is a police dog who is scared of a creepy room? How can a police dog do his job effectively if he turns tail and runs?? the pen is just a temporary spot to put extra dogs whos waiting their turn to bite. But even during "rest" police dogs need to stay sharp. Teh video doesnt it show it well but Hunter was put in the pen and told to chill which he did. I greeted his handler and we all stayed civil. He got up when I shook hands with his handler but he stayed in the pen. when he jumped out was when I pretended to start beating on his handler which is exactly what his training and instincts tell him to do. Again, what good is a police dog who stays behind the fence and wtaches the policeman get beat up or even killed??? The dog has to learn when he is allowed to break the command and step in and when he is to remain chill and in the pen.

Chico, have you ever watched a police dog in action??? Part of their job is to take down a run away criminal. they are trained to bite and hold. They do not severely attack the person. They are never allowed to go for the head or face. Their purpose is to catch the criminal or stop the criminal's attack but with the least amount of serious damage. The dogs keep the criminals in one spot until the handlers can come and adress the situation (arrest the person). Dogs of course are much faster and more agile than humans plus they can find people hiding better than humans can.

Here is a good example of what I am talking about

Without the dog the criminal might have been faster than the policeman and he could have gotten away, maybe even ran into the school across the street! Before ANY dog earns a bite he must first pass massive socialization and obedience training. He can not tag a random civilian by any means! And he must be able to turn off the attack as fast as he turns it on. One word from the trainer and Hunter let go of me. He still stood watching me of course and never let me out of his sight be he was still watching. If the people are civil the dog is civil to the point of seeking attention from strangers even and loving a good pat or rub down.

Make sense?

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