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Cat has a heart murmur - Answered by Dr. Slome

We took Mini-Ti to get his vaccinations tonight, the vet mentioned to us the fact that Mini-Ti has a very strong heart murmur which may lead to future health problems or possibly even an early passing. He said that with such a loud heart mumur, there's a chance that he'll be a special needs cat, meaning that he may need a lot of extra attention. He may just have shortness of breath after running around and playing, or unfortunately, he may not live a very long life. Then again, the vet also mentioned that there's a possibility that Mini-Ti will live a great life with no medical problems. We will be taking him to another vet to have a second opinion. has anyone ever been through this with their pet, it will be up to the family who wish to adopt him if they want to go throw with it but if not will try to find him a new family by 6months and if now one wish to then we will place him in foster care.
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