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i just wanted to say i am a highly allergic person to all animals. It doesnt matter whether its cat, dog, horse, cow, chicken. A year ago i took 2 cats in as rescues as the people that had them were moving away and couldnt take the cats so instead of putting them down we took em in. Then one day while surfing the net i checked out the local SPCA and found they had a shih tzu. We have had him for a couple of months now and i havent had a problem with him at all....... the only time it does bother me is when he gets out of the bath. I can comb him down and nothing happens to me. I suggest that anyone that is allergic like i am to try the shih tzu out. Now with my 2 cats they are shedders and im HIGHLY allergic to them. I love them and wont get rid of them thats why right now im really sick due to my allergies and i am on shots twice a month with no help from em not even pills help me out. Oh well we have a right to live so do the animals and its worth my being sick to see them alive and playing.
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