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Many people use Avon Skin So Soft as an off label bug repellent. I have heard people using it on themselves, their children and pets. I have yet to hear of negative side effects with this. I have personally had good luck with this. I used to work in Yosemite and we sold this stuff as fast as the DEET repellants.

Do NOT use DEET containing products in dogs or cats and especially puppies or kittens. Also avoid Tea Tree Oil or Pennyroyal.

Advantix does have a repelling agent however it lasts only 2 weeks or less and it not the strongest against ticks.

There are commercial fly repellents that you can get for dogs. Also feed stores or horse tack stores have fly repellents. I would ask them on age requirements for dogs though as I do not know them.

Hope that helps. Unfortunately there is not a super answer for this problem. Probably because the bugs have been developing their technology longer than we have. They have chemical sensors to pick up exhaled carbon dioxide which makes them not only go into a feeding frenzy but also alert other mosquitoes. Dark colors and motion also excites them. So I guess we can wear light colors, not move or breathe and go without any repellents? Wait there is a flaw here somewhere....
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