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Multi Menu is a high quality pet food. All natural, no preservatives and all Canadian ingredients (except for New Zealand Lamb).

I had a conversation with a vet, and I asked about brewer's rice. He told me that brewer's rice is simply broken rice that isn't used for human consumption strictly for aesthetic reasons.

Tomato pomace is is a middle protein, a good source of B Vitamins and a fair source of Vitamin A. It is commonly used in pet foods as a source of dietary fiber, to produce firm stools. Tomato pomace also increases the palatability of cat diets. Do you think other companies peel their tomatoes before adding them.

Chicken liver digest is a material which results from chemical and/or enzymatic hydrolysis of clean and undecomposed chicken liver tissue. There are some beliefs that since the liver removes toxins in the animal that there may be some toxins that remain. I still see liver in the grocery stores and it is recommended for iron and protein for humans.

As far as menadione sodium bisulfite complex, Vitamin K was studied in 1970 and showed an increase in Lukemia in a small test group. There has been no other proof of this since. Vitamin K is essential in the breakdown of proteins and blood coagulation.

I do a lot of research on the food I feed my pets and I don't stop at one or two websites that are riding the wave of the pet food scare of last year.

I feed Multi Menu Evolution and I have found it to be a great feed. Small firm stools, virtually no shedding (Brittany) and great energy. I like that it's delivered for free too.

Just my opinion.
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