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Well, I spoke to a lady in church about it today and she said she read in the paper that there is actually a canned pumpkin shortage and I looked it up and sure enough there is:
but apparantly there should be more in the stores soon.

When I was in one store looking for pumpkin I ran into someone I knew and I told her what I was looking for and why and she said it works for dogs too - she once had a dog eat all the food on the lower shelf of her pantry and he was quite sick from that and they just fed him canned pumpkin for a while to clear him up.

So far, from the looks of what is in the litter box, it looks like probably some of the kittens are starting to get better, but not all of them yet.
They are eating a whole lot more now though so I guess that is a good sign.
And I think they have all gained an ounce or two in the past few days as well.
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