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kittens with coccidia

We are fostering yet another litter of kittens and this group has coccidia.
They have the runs and are pooping everywhere and have not gained weight in the week and a half we have had them although they have grown. So I went back to the animal shelter and got medicine for them today - for the coccidia and for worms which they most likely have as well.
I know they have to be on the med. for 10 days. How long will it take before we see a difference? I bought some good quality canned food for them ( the shelter gave us dry food and canned iams and another canned kitten food, so I got some better food at the pet store and cooked some brown rice and blenderized it some and mixed it with the wet food hoping that will help. I got a couple of cans of eagle pack and some other brands that have larger cans. We are cleaning the cat litter box several times a day. Is there anything else we can do?
They seem healthy, happy, friendly and sweet otherwise.
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