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Sure thing! I will take pics of them feeding tonight. For now here are pics of the bottle

The water bottle is washed well, lid removed. I cut a finger from a rubber glove, which is also washed inside and out. I cover the mouth of the bottle with the glove, and wrap small elstic bands to keep it from slipping. I make a small incision in the glove for the birds' beaks. I can also cap it to save for later, or put in a funnel (through the glove) to fill it up. Makes feeding much easier - the babies don't get as much food on them (Reno dribbles a bit doen her neck, but Ozzy is very clean), making clean up a breeze. And the food doesn't get cold between feeding the two

Takes a total of about 15 mins, 20 if I am slow, lol. They eat well and don't spend as much time crying for food than if I used the syringe. I recommend this to anyone who wants to save a bit of time/cleaning/etc. I think this would be great if you had many babies to feed (provided they are already kept together, since I wouldn't want cross contamination to occur). Also, after each day I completely empty the bottle, clean it, replace the glove and make a new batch of food. This avoids spoilage.

Hope this helps gives an idea of how it works It's basically the syringe method upgraded for voracious eaters
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