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Personally, if I only had one Pom to feed, I would go with Merrick's or Canidae. I'll see if I can find a link for them.

While I am very glad that your daughter loves her pup, she needs to not baby it. Remember, habits learned now may be cute, but when the dog is an adult, not so cute. You really don't want to have one of those yappy, snippy dogs that every body complains about, do you? (I have one, a rescue, and he will always have issues from puppy habits.)

He is 8 weeks old. He is going to have accidents in the house. The best way to avoid them is to keep a close eye on him and watch for signs that he has to go. When you see them (you will learn what they are, trust me) take him outside immediately and praise him like crazy when he goes. Remember, unless you see him have an accident, you can't get after him. Dogs think in the moment.

Since you have a couple of weeks, start looking for a training class now. You want to find a trainer that doesn't use choke collars and is willing to use different methods of training on different dogs. For example, some dogs are very food motivated, some not so much. Training should be flexible enough to find what works with different dogs.

I have some friends in Texas. What city do you live in - I might be able to get a trainer recommendation for you.
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