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The kittens are exactly 5 weeks old today

No names for the kittens yet (haven't checked for gender), although I've temporarily named the black one Baby Newt after her mom - she is by far the most active, vocal, mischievous, and demanding kitten of the 3. Long after the other two have have taken a break from playing, baby Newt will still be darting around all over the place, attacking her mom's tail, asking to be fed, and just generally being a handful. An adorable cat with a lot of spunk and personality if you can keep up with him/her.

The other two kittens are playful as well, but a little more mellow. I might keep one around to keep mom company (if she decides to stick around), but otherwise, I think it would really be wonderful if the kittens could all be adopted together, as it would be a little sad to see them parted.
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