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Originally Posted by mollywog View Post
what a sad story
but at least there is a happy ending. what a beautiful girl.
I am a bit confused though... how did they know that she had four puppies??
Good question! I don't really know but I wondered the same thing - maybe someone knew the dog. It's a small town so not all the story is always reported.

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I hope they eventually find the low-life that shot her and left her to die. Nothing they could do to him legally would be enough, but at least his brutality would be out there in the open for everyone to see.
There is already "talk" as to who it was.... and they have a HORRID history with dogs, having already killed/tortured three others that I heard of (one stabbed, one strangled with a coat hanger, can't even remember the third horrific act), now that's just gossip though.

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Thank you to all the people who saved her life and her new owners and I hope someone will recognize her and come through for her with the name of the horrible human beast who did this
Indeed, thank dog for those good people out there, cause we got some doozy bad folks. Attitudes towards dogs with some people up here are alot "different" than i'm used to, most of it kind of sickening to me:sad:. That said, we also have our share of incredible people too!!

Shooting dogs is unbelievably common place here - that's how our "animal control" puts animals down. Actually, we have no "animal control" right now cause no one wants the job - basically you only get paid if you capture or kill an animal Oh Boy! don't get me going on this one
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