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Ok I'm going to post this, knowing full well that I might sound like a crackpot:

Maybe your dog's system needs some other kind of meat right now, not chicken. I believe that our bodies often tell us what it needs/doesn't need. Like if you are craving bananas for no apparent reason, your body is probably low on potassium. Or if you usually love yogurt, but today it nearly gags you- there is something in the yogurt your body does NOT want, for whatever reason.

Your dog is gobbling up other meats, and you are sure that the chicken is not bad. This leads me to believe that he just might need some other type of meat protein right now besides chicken.

Raj was eating vegetables like CRAZY during the time that we were trying to figure out what she is allergic to. She ate vegetables as though you were giving her a juicy steak. She obviously craved them STRONGLY. Guess what she's allergic to? All meat protein. I should have just listened to my dog, eh?
"Yo Blondie......VEGGIES, please!.....get it? VEGGIES????".

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