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I have not given her yogurt everyday , I was not sure it would be good for her.
Is there any special kind you use or is it just plain yogurt?I had read somewhere that yogurt , would help yeast infections.This is was she has, so the vet thinks.
I will increase her dosage and see if it helps.I also was thinking of giving her echinacea.Although same as the yogurt...was not sure of how much or if allowed a dosage.
I will definatly look into that.I am trying to aviod surgury for her...which is probably the next step if medication does not work...although i'm trying to refrain myself from drugging her to make her healthy.Hubby thinks i'm a little nuts...but he agree's anything is worth a try if it's cheaper than the vets.
Thanks for the advice ,
I'm really glad I found this site.
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