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it's just so hard to see loved ones age, human or pet.

I am slightly emotional because I just had maybe two hours of sleep. When she was on the Clavamox she had perfect poos. Not sure if after stopping has caused a bacterial overgrowth but she has the worst gas and burping. Last night she went out every half hour until 1am and then again at 3am when she finally had a loose bm and finally seemed to settle after that. I have taken her off all supplements and am just giving chicken with rice but I think she needs some type of digest aid. It's just so hard to try and balance all these issues. I am slightly overwhelmed.

Thanks for the info Dee-O-Gee on the Tri-Act HA. Where do you get that from? I hope your Gryphon continues to improve. It does seem to take a few months to see any improvement. My understanding is that without surgery, the body tries to stabilize the knee by forming scar tissue but the scar tissue easily tears. the first few weeks I really limited any walking but now I find a small walk is better than no walk but it does take time. Going up stairs is really hard on the knees. I imagine she will always have a limp on that side and when you see how much weight they put on the other side, you are worried the other knee might go. Maybe some acupuncture or physical therapy would help your guy since he also has hip issues. I hope things get better for you.
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